Vanilla Pastry Cream Mix

Product Description

200 Grams

  • Easy to make pastry cream to fill your pastries, donuts or pies.
  • Can be frozen after preparation without separating and and can also be baked (up to 250°C) without melting.
  • Gives smooth creamy texture and taste.

How to prepare:

1. Put 500 grams/ml of cold water or milk in a bowl and slowly add 200 grams of pastry cream

2. Mix by hand or beater on medium speed.

3. For better results, leave for 15 - 20 minutes before using to give a superior texture.

Tip: Add different flavors from our range of flavorings such as banana, strawberry, orange to the water/milk before mixing to give the cream a different flavor to go with anything you are baking. 

LE 50.00
Maximum quantity available reached.

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