Bread Improver

Product Description
125 Grams
  • Also known as bread enhancer.
  • Improves the performance of flour.
  • Gives bread a whiter color on the inside and a golden color on the outside.
  • Improves dough consistency, stabilizes it and makes it less sticky.
  • Gives dough a sponge-like consistency after baking.
  • Dosage: 1% of flour weight. 200g = 20kg of flour.
  • Bread Enhancer is mixed directly with flour before adding liquids. Yeast is added but in smaller quantities (usually half). For example, if your recipe without bread improver calls for 2 spoons of yeast and you need to add a spoon of Bread Improver, then your new recipe will be 1 spoon of yeast and 1 spoon of Bread Improver. Please consult recipes with Bread Improver for better results.
  • Made in Egypt.
LE 25.00
Maximum quantity available reached.

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